Jackie Moore

Jackie Moore began her career as a stylist 25 years ago. She loves her work and enjoys discovering with each client the essence of their own style. To keep her clients’ look fresh, Jackie includes a consult before every appointment. She also considers a wide range of components when creating or updating a client’s hairstyle.

Beverly Moore

Beverly Moore is the founder and owner of "Moore By Beverly" and "Moore Pure Extensions". As a young and upcoming stylist, she is paving her way in her city. Due to social media, her clientele has expanded well out of her hometown. Her passion is healthy hair and extensions with a flourishing clientele. Beverly has expanded her brand into hair care products. As the 25 year-old mother of one, Beverly continues to take her brand to new heights.

Christopher Crabtree

Christopher has seen a lot of change over his 25 years in the hair industry.  Many styles and trends have come and gone.  Chris has studied with many of the industries best technicians to develop solid technical skills to keep up with any hair challenge.

Tracey Walters

Tracey Walters  loves the complexity and versatility that comes with working with her diverse college and young professional clientele.  She enjoys the wide range of color choices and cuts her clients encourage from her -- "I always tell them; take advantage of my knowledge, experience and eye for style -- that's what I'm here for!"