Cut & Style

What’s hot!

We’re seeing a lot of juxtaposition this Fall season. Fall fashions are showing dark, exotic prints, futuristic leather shirts, skirts and coats, and bejeweled or sequined garments are HUGE this season. Suits are back in, as is the military uniform motif, and also 50-60’s era retrained style — high-collared dresses, coats and blouses. AND WINTER WHITE!

So, what does this mean for hair? Fortunately, almost any style is in for hair. Loose, natural, relaxed curls have replaced the more formal hot rolled hair look of last season. Long hair or short, pulled back or left down, this freer, natural look is matching up with formal attire or more restrained fashions. The runway is also showing very sleek hair, short or long, with side or center parts and pulled back in a low pony tail or held back with a jeweled hair clip or fabric and feather fastener. The sleek look is also big with formal fashions and the bejeweled looks — so if the clothes are the big show, the hair doesn’t compete.

For Women

At JM Salon, we enjoy working closely with our clients to match their hairstyle with their lifestyle. Whether you have 2 minutes or 2 hours daily to spend on your hair, our hair professionals will create a hairstyle you can easily maintain and thoroughly enjoy.

Haircut & Style:

For Men

You’ve graduated from the barber’s chair! You want a customized haircut that works with your life and your style. Whether you want your cut to be traditional or the latest, hottest look; we will make your experience with us more than “just take a little off the back”.

Haircut: $45
(includes 1 “in-between haircut” trim)

For Children

Just because they are kids, doesn’t mean they don’t want to look their best. We love working with boys & girls and we specialize in making them feel comfortable and having fun!

Little Girl’s Haircut & Style (2-12 yrs):
Little Boy’s Haircut (2-12 yrs): $18